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Do you have questions about our service? Whether you’re wondering about the cost of windscreen replacement or have safety concerns, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we’ll endeavour to answer the most common questions that don’t involve a windscreen replacement cost online quote.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: 45 minutes, give or take. The make and model can factor into the time, along with the extent of the damage. We can’t give you a more accurate estimate until we’ve seen the damage and have had a chance to spot specifics.

Q: Can I use my car after the windscreen replacement?
A: The glue used on the windscreens can take the time to cure. While you could attempt to drive it, there is a risk of the glue not settling properly. An exact estimate on how long before you can drive the car may vary based on the extent of the work and make and model.

Q: Why are second-hand side and rear windows easier to acquire?
A: Not all windows in the car use the same type of glass. Front windscreens are designed to crack but not shatter, which makes them safer overall than the glass on the rear and sides. In contrast, side mirrors and rear windscreens are more resistant to impact, but when they break, they shatter.

Due to a lack of resiliency and impact resistance, it is more common to see rear and side windows intact than front ones.

Q: How do I know if I need a repair instead of a replacement?
A: There’s no set rule for this, but a handy guideline is that if your chip or crack is smaller than a dollar bill, odds are it can be repaired. However, please remember that in some vehicles, this isn’t possible and even small damage requires a full replacement.

We can give more definite answers once we’ve seen the damage, as well as the car in question.

Q: Are stickers going to be replaced?
A: Things like inspection stickers and others will be removed before anything is done. They will be reaffixed as the law allows on the new windshield.

Q: Will the team need covering when they do the installation?
A: Yes. As much as possible, we advise a sheltered or covered area, since environmental factors can delay or damage the glass installation.

Q: If my rear view mirror is attached to the windscreen, can the technician attach it to a new one?
A: Yes, our technicians will reattach it after replacing the windscreen. In such instances, it’s part of the cost of windscreen replacement.

Q: Will the cracks still be visible?
A: We make no guarantees that the damage will be invisible. The main function of our repair service is to prevent further damage. In some cases, blemishes or imperfections will remain visible even if there is no further risk to the integrity of the glass.


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