We all know what a windscreen is, don’t we? We all know what it does and what a hassle windscreen replacement can be in our busy lives. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ourselves dealing with or holding on to a few misconceptions and myths.

For today, let us break down a few common things people believe about windscreens. And show you why these are myths while revealing the truth.

A common misconception is that safety glass is unbreakable.

Safety glass is named that because it’s safer than most other types. It’s much more resistant to impact and damage, yes. However, it’s not unbreakable. It can shatter and crack. Flying debris, severe changes in temperature in a short period, and vandalism can all take their toll.

The main difference is that the shattered pieces are smaller and less likely to cut and cause harm. In other types, the shards are sharper and more dangerous.

Not all chips are the same. Most people assume the opposite, which can be detrimental.

There are different types of damage. There’s the star break, the bullseye, the half-moon, the stress crack, and the combination break. Each type has a distinctive visual appearance and its own particular tendency when spreading.

Vibration and changes in temperature can also affect how a crack or chip gets bigger. A professional company like us can identify the type and select the proper method of handling them.

A prevalent myth is that damage means a replacement, no matter how big or small.

This is not true. Some chips or cracks can be repaired. In most cases, these repairs only take a few hours – and that’s just because the resin needs to set properly. If the damage isn’t severe, you can get away with just repair or fill in, rather than getting a new one.

Minor chips can be left alone or ignored, they say. This is patently false.

Small chips can spread over time. If left alone, they might consume the entire windscreen. If you get a chip, consult a professional. A small chip or crack is easier to repair and costs less. If you let it get bigger, then you’re looking at more expensive work later on.

Finally, there’s the prevalent idea that a cheap repair kit might be all you need, not professionals. This is also a myth and something that can do a lot of damage. A repair kit used by an expert can be great, but if you’re an amateur, it’s going to be ineffective.

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